Second SpaceX Starship flight test achieves hot stage separation with instant booster blast



On November 18, 2023, SpaceX launched its second Starship flight test and achieved one of the primary goals of including the hot stage separation.

The mission successfully liftoffed from the launch pad with a slight 40-second hold for extra checks. Importantly, all of the 33-raptor engines in the booster fired simultaneously, unlike the past flight test.

At T+2:39 minutes, the mission control called for booster separation, which went successful, subsequently, the booster performed a flip maneuver to return back to earth. However, at T+3:22 the booster blasted off in the air after separating from the second stage.

What’s more important is that the second stage successfully separated from Starship and sent the large vehicle toward orbit. Around T+8:00 minutes the mission control lost connection with Starship before its engine cutoff.

SpaceX said it shares further updates on Starship via the social media site, X.

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