Elon Musk

Musk reportedly helped Larry Ellison reset his Twitter account password



Elon Musk has reportedly helped Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison reset his Twitter account after he forgot the actual password.

The latest revelation is dropped out from an excerpt of the upcoming biography of Elon Musk, written by Walter Isaacson. It is said that Musk personally raised their hand to fix the password reset for Ellison after he pledged to invest in Musk’s Twitter takeover.

Interestingly, Ellison hasn’t tweeted since 2012. Ellison promised to invest $1 billion in Musk’s bid of $44 billion to buy Twitter, now turned X. Ellison and Musk had been friends for some time before the deal and the Oracle co-founder believed the platform was important, according to the book.

“It’s a real-time news service, and there’s nothing really like it,” Ellison told Isaacson. “If you agree it’s important for a democracy, then I thought it was worth making an investment in it.”


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