SpaceX Booster 7 completes static fire attempt of 31 raptor engines



Today, SpaceX completed the static fire test of Booster 7, the most powerful rocket on earth with 33 raptor engines. The static fire test went successful and it’s a matter of joy.

After the test, SpaceX founder, Elon Musk informed that the team has turned off 1 engine right before the ignition, and the other is stopped by itself. So, there are 31 raptor engines fired in an overall capacity.

However, the SpaceX chief pointed out that this is still enough power to send Starship into orbit.

The view taken from the Starship revealed amazing imagery of the static fire test and we suggest you check it down below. Now the next part is to place back the Starship on the Booster 7 and commence the launch attempt, which is currently unknown.

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